Friday, April 3, 2009

March 30

Dave took me on a fantastic tour to Four Swans. Early in the morning I woke up and saw four swans honking and flying by. They were really geese but the imagery was there for our tour to the Teton Pass Backcountry. We hiked up the long boot pack up Glory Bowl off the north side of the Pass. I hiked Glory so many times while I lived in JH that I remebered only three benches. Well, now there are about seven. As I approached the summit of Glory I remembered that the three benches I remembered were really the two stops I made on the way up. We could hike it in 45 minutes no problem. Well it took a little longer this time around. Dave led me past Glory heading North to The Great White Hump. We skied it untracked and it was fabulous. We put our skins on and climbed a little to Four Swans. The snowmobile crowd of couples skiing was new to me. We dropped down Four Swans and then toured back to my car which we left at the bottom of Philips Canyon on the Pass. A successful tour for sure. ANd all new to me. Thanks Dave. Then Dave rallys and invites my closest JH friends over for a bbq. Jamie and family, Doug Doyle and family, Brad, JuneBug, Crawdad, and Deerslayer all came, Lexy couldn't make it but I saw her the next day. Brad brought over five classic electric guitars and we jammed like the old days in the Rendez-Vous room. We stayed up late and it was a blast.

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