Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I was supposed to go down to Deer Valley and ski with my folks for the afternoon. Well, that didn't happen. The foot of fresh made the roads impossible so I had to ski one more day, or at least one more morning to ski the fresh. Dave decided to take a day off and we made third tram.  We skied RendezVous Bowl in creamy powder, hopped into No No Chuter and dowen Bernies. We had our touring gear just in case we were going to go out the gAte. Up the Sublette quad we didn't see any boot tracks on the hike we were planning to Granite Canyon. As we took the traaverse over the Cirque someone had just started hiking up and kicking in steps. We were in a perfect position to hike up. We quietly decided to ski Mile Long Couloir. As people passed us on the way to Endless Couloir, a guy called out as Dave ducked a rope, "Nice choice, damn." We were the first ones in. Can I say sublime? Dave gave me honors and I floated through waist deep pow untracked, pristine. We had such a nice line, such an aesthetic flow, were were literally flying through the pow. That was my first time in Mile Long and I got first tracks. That was truly special. When we got back to the village I said goodbye to Dave and still made it to dinner witht the folks at Stein's Lodge in Deer Valley. But my exit was not so clean. In the upper parking lot I turned tightly around the first orange cone but straddled the second and had to get two guys to help me lift the car and pull out the cone. Maybe they shouldn't charge 12 bucks for parking. Well, I left a little mark at JH in the form of a mangled orange cone and almost didn't get out.

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