Sunday, April 19, 2009


Another down day and it was a beautiful morning to fly. Mechanical problems and delays and the weather changed. Todd and I roped Jessica into touring with us. But little did we know that she had a secret mission instore for us. We toured up the Tsaina river and then she showed us The Key To Lisa. It's awesome!!! A tight fissure with spring snow and snow rotted holes to the river below. We skinned and then boot hiked up. It is so deep and narrow. We crested the ridge at the alder brush and had a great view of the valley-abouta 1000ft of vertical was waiting. it was a wild non stop down this technical gash of a run. Such a thrill! The best gully skiing I've done since I was a kid in the gullies behind my house in New Hampshire. Everything is just bigger in AK.

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