Monday, April 6, 2009

April 4

I woke up to pitch blackness at the Tate's in SLC. I drove to the airport. The travel to AK was like clockwork. Three planes. I met Jamie Burge in the airport in Anchorage. She and her photographer were on their way to PN in Cordova.  They were so Squaw Valley ie. Californiated.
When we got to Valdez a lot of baggage was left in Anchorage becase of weight on the plane. So, no skis, no underwear. Can you ski the Chugach in jeans? We were able to convince the crew that we needed our gear and they got someone in Anchorage to drive our gear to Valdez by morning. We heard that the driver was a stripper named Willow but who knows. Well it was great seeing my old friend Jeff Zell. We had so many great ski experiences in JH back in the eighties. He took us over to Eric Henderson's house and we hung out with Jed and Doug Workman, Eric and Jeff. It was really fun. As we headed home to the Best Western, Jeff looked at me and said, "You made it to the Super Bowl." 

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