Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5-Day One in the Chugach

I cannot say enough about being in the presence of great mountain ranges. The Chugach opens up to endless possibilities. I can't say I was freaked out but I was overwhelmed. The safety training, the protocol around the heli, and the seriousness of the terrain, not to mention the partying the night before with the guys and the guides. Now we have a private heli and our group is Brad Gramble, Pete Stackpole, Todd, Benny Wilson, Dave the Wave, Lisa Reamer, and Jeff Ledger, and me. There was absolutely no competion between our group and the other two helis because they didn't even think of skiing what we did. We started in on the old classic Crudbusters and finished up with one off the Ladies Tee, used for the women's extreme competions. And then our last run of the day was off the men's extreme competion  site. Remember there are no "runs" just snow rock and ice.  The quality of snow was a denser powder than I expected. But then again it held on really steep angles so we could really shred it up. Mix in a little magic volcano dust and it was a super first day.

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