Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7

Beyond words. Many discussions took place during the early morning. Are we really going to ski Meteorite? Yes, no. Dave the Wave and Brad discussed it at length and from what I gathered the consensus was no. Wavey did it 11 year ago with Doug and as he describes it Doug had his nervous twitch going before he went. You know that little foot shuffle and pole twitch he used to do. So he looks up at Wavey and says, "What do I do?" Dave the Wave says , "just go".
Well, that first turn is the hardest. We all skied it. It was calling to Brad and he made the decision, little did I know when we boarded the heli. But as it loomed larger I knew where we were headed. I studied that line as best I could from the heli. Whatever happened to a first run warm-up. Well this was it. Remember, we are in a private ship with carte blanche. It's very different than coming up here and skiing with the public.
Here's a heli shot to hold you over. I'm still so focused. As the say in Bikram Yoga "tremendous focus and concentration". I also sing Echo and the Bunnymen in my head, "Do it Clean. You know what I mean." Just that one line over and over. Also turn, pause turn, pause. So much focus! Unfortunately on our last run on The Wall, Lisa got snagged by a bergshrund and had to climb out. It must have been super scary- an abyss to nowhere. Then Pete followed her tracks saw the Bergshrund, tried to jump it at high speed, and he landed on the uphill side with a double heel release. He had to go to the clinic the next day and he had broken his leg. The break was the fibula-six to eight weeks to heal. That really sucks. 

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