Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21

Got up kind of late for a ski at Snowbird. Alta is closed for the season. We decide to hike the Twins off of the tram. I haven't been to Snowbird in years. Pipeline was calling to me after being in Valdez. So we booted it up the ridge. The shot was perfect. Sunny and spring like in the sun and firmer on the shadow side- a minor course in slough management but it was fine and fun. I was waiting at the LZ at the bottom, skis and pack all ready but no heli appeared. I thought I heard it coming. Damn! We had another run and then a beer on the plaza. A third tram was in order and then we headed out. Ahi tuna for dinner cooked by Leslie. Tomorrow I fly back East. I miss Nina. Wow.

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  1. nice to see the wide Rossis are the ski of choice