Monday, March 30, 2009

Number 98- Number 92-A foot of fresh

March 29

We woke up to about a foot of fresh. I was salivating, jumping up and down like a pogo stick. It was ony 7am but I wanted to get to the tram. Dave did too and we met Brad in the tram line at about 8:30am. We were on the borderline for first tram. The Patrol did an extensive bombing and control of the mountain. It took a while tand the tram line grew down to the parking lot. When it opened I was on the first tram, number 98 out of 100 people. I'm glad they put in this new tram. It rocks.  As anyone who has skied JH knows, Rendez-Vous Bowl in fresh pow is unbelievable. We shredded it up. Everything seemed to work out well. You know one of those organic days. It was fun seeing Brad and Dave choose routes together. They were feeding off of each other's 20 plus years of skiing the mountain even though they didn't ski together on any regular basis. It was beautiful. The James Bond traverse was featured heavily. We got to the Hobacks and skied a North Hoback. It was creamy and perfect. We stopped near the Hoback Bench for a quick inhale. We caught another tram and skied another lower face, this time Sublette Ridge. By noon Brad was cooked and had to leave for work. Dave and I rode trams all day and finished it off with two beautiful runs in Corbets. The last tram of the day I was number 92.  As we exited Corbets, Walter Stessel was sweeping for Patrol. He liked the fact that the old guys had closed down Corbets for the day. Dave was talking to him, I remembered him,  and he invited us to join him on his sweep. OK one more hike up. Where to? Ambassador Ridge which was closed. He said that this was the line Doug skied when he was busted by patrol and kicked out of the resort while he was wearing his JH Ski Ambassador jacket, thus the name Ambassador Ridge.  Walter said have at it. We thanked him and we skied waist deep powder down the ridge line. Walter continued on his sweep. That was a real generous gesture. Old school baby. So it went -bell to bell -first and last trams of the day. It doesn't get any more JH than that.

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