Friday, April 24, 2009

April 23

I'm back in NJ looking out at the Hudson River rolling to the ocean. Spring is here. The skyline of Manhattan is awesome like the AK peaks (sort of-not). Ian bagged the Duchess at Tucks while I was away. Nina is so happy I'm back and I listened to all of her stories yesterday. She had a lot to tell me and didn't stop talking all day. I got to tell her a few ski stories of my own. But she definitely had the stage. We cooked a huge waffle breakfast, walked to the library to get some dvd's and then we made dinner together and watched original Pink Panther movies. I want to thank everyone I skied with and those folks who helped me realize this journey. My hosts and good friends, The Tates in SLC. Dave McCandless in JH, and of course Brad "Bentley" Gamble for putting it all together in AK and being such a generous friend to all involved. Blog supporters, Ed Biddle and Ian Martin. Both you guys encouraged me to go for it. Thanks to all my JH friends who rallied at Dave's to party and catch up. I love you guys- Jamie, June, Lexy (in absentia/glad I saw you at the resort), Crawdad, Deerslayer, Doyle.  It was great skiing with and hanging with Renny Burke, Vern, Ernie and Rich Lee at Stieglers and on The Cirque. Thanks to my OLD crusty friend Jeff Zell," heh heh heh!" And yes I have your f'n  hat. You left it at the THC.  Come to NYC and you can have it back. To my new friends Kirsten Kremer and Jessica Baker. You women rock! I hope Nina can ski with you some day. Gotta make that happen.  Dave "Copy" Miller. Dave the Wave, Benny, Lisa, Jeff Ledger- it was tenawesome! Todd and Pete- my newest bestest friends. Can't wait to visit you guys in Hood River. Gotta thank my folks and Doug and Heide too for support and Nina care while I was away. Thanks to those who followed the blog. dc rip.
Until the next big  experience . . . there's always morSe sKIING.

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