Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alta to JH

I arrived late Thursday night into SLC. I cribbed with the Tate's, Les , Mike, Charlie and Margeritte. We woke up to some spectacular scheduled openings at Alta. The storm from the previous three days had dumped over 40". The patrol was very cautious about opening up areas because of the huge windloading of the snow.  Leslie and I hiked and skied two baldy shoulders out the gate through ballroom and we were in the first wave. It was creamy spring powder. It had a certain bite to it but this is still Utah so it was light. On the second run we were able to coordinate and hook up with Josh Rabinowitz and his son Ethan. Leslie and I were hoping for a PQ ski too but he was off with Jamie Preston. So we skied the groomed on our way to check out the Apron on Devil's Castle. We tried to get Josh and Ethan on our hiking program but to no avail.
So Leslie and I said goodbye and started hiking once more. The boot hike up was steep but the steps were perfect. I had never skied the Apron so I was very excited. It skied beautifully. A nice pitch and again creamy knee deep pow. Ah I like creamsicles. I skied two more Devil's Castle's with Leslie but we approacched it from th traditional side. Both of us have hurting left hips so the two gian hikes from this side of the Castle really balanced out the torque I was feeling in my left side. We just had to make it all even out. So four runs on my first day with fresh powder and fresh tracks., I felt I was off to a good start and my ski legs would be coming back under me shortly. I blew out of Alta and SLC by 4:30pm.  I think I left Joshie scratching his head wondering why I wasn't so casual and  laid back about my schedule. I was on my way to Jackson Hole after a 22 year absence.  It took me this long to finally get the right head to go back. As I entered Teton county and I saw the sign with a big 22 posted  on it. I shouted out,"22". That's the number for Teton county and also the number of years it has been since I left this magical place.By 9:00pm I was at Dave McCandless house in Wilson. I stopped in the Stagecoach to get a six to go and the place was dead except for some locals. It still smelled the same. Daveand I hung out and talked and went to bed in anticipation of the snow that was beginning to fall.

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