Monday, March 30, 2009

1st day back at the hole

Friday March 28
 So Dave and I met up with Brad Gamble at the Village Cafe-the old Bear Claw and the only structure still remaining since the 80's. It was a welcome  sight amidst all the new buildings. Damn the place looks like a resort and not just a ski area. First person I see from the old days is Rob Woodson. He and I took some mountain bikes into Teton National Park to scout out terrain for mountain bike touring in the summers. That was over 20 years ago and he did have a succesful touring business for a while but not in Teton Par. I remember riding up to a butte and looking over to see a herd of bison. We were exhausted from riding, lying on our bellies looking down at these beautiful wild animals. It was so pure. What a memory. We walked by Benny Wilson on our way to the tram. Brad said, You remember this guy? Benny shouts out, "Rich Morse, how the hell are you?" Brad tells him I'm coming up to Alaska too in a week.  And Benny shouts out, "Sweet, this is going to be so much fun!" We walked on to the tram and the day began in earnest. It was a typically cold windy no visibility, throw everything at you kind of day. We shredded some old favorites. Rendez-Vous Bowl to No No chute to Bernies. We hit up Bivouac Woods.  It was cold, windy and the surface changed from windblown powder to crud to crap. Jackson Hole was just as tough as I remembered but the runs seemed to get longer.  We finished up at the Moose. A storm was coming and the anticipation was building. I got a real taste of the Hole on my first day. "Walk on trams" all day. I loved that-no waiting- and I love the saying.

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