Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Skied Alta for 5 days with a beautiful 17" storm right in the middle of the trip to set up a perfect full moon torchlight parade for the New Year! Family time was super sweet. Mom at 70 got into Eddies High Nowhere from the Gunsight entrance. Les Tate guided her and was super patient. Dad at 74 was sure footed on his new Mantras and tore up the groomers. Brad was scheduled on the calendar to join us. We all thought about him a lot since he was with us last year. Les and I got first tracks in Gunsight during the powder dump on BOTH days. Entering from the rollover on thirds we powered straight into the barrel of Gunsight and looped matching arcs on the far right wall. Face shots surrounded us and the new Drifters skied perfectly. Nina, at ten, hiked to Catherine's for the first time and it was like she found Jurrasic Park. She continued to hike and ski it each day leading friends into her newly discovered playground. I did get "Tatered" on the first powder day with an incredible morning with Leslie Tate and then some power laps with Mike Tate in the afternoon. Ed and Abigail stopped by from Solitude for a bluebird powder day on New Year's eve. From Ballroom to West Rus, Stone Crusher and Greeley to a final trip out to Catherine's to end 2009. Happy New Year!!! And...
May Your Turns Be Deep And Ever So Sweet

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