Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday's Ski Race

Nina raced her first usssa gs race. It's really strange taking my daughter to a ski race. The parent trap of wanting her to have fun and do well. The adventyure began when Nina got carsick 15 miles before we got to the ski area. We pulled over on the side of the road in Warwick, NY.-done, still on schedule and it's only 7:45am. After we got to the area, Nina noticed that she didn't have her glasses. She said they were in the door pocket. Well, the only time we opened the door was... yes 15 miles back up the road. The coaches said don't worry we got Nina while I hustled back to the "spot" and drove slowly on the shoulder until I saw the glasses in the snow. I rushed them back and Nina was just going out for course inspection. I The coaches were great during inspection.I helped out a little but my duties were to be a dad. So after Nina's first run, I was waiting at the bottom and she had a nice run. She was crying and saying that she fell on her way skating out of the start on the way to the first gate. I told her I was proud she finished the run. She said her hands were shaking in the starting gate and she was really nervous. After wiping her tears and a cup of hot chocolate with her friends and teammates, she said she was ready for the second run. She skied it well and asked if she could do more races. "Dad", she said, "Ski racing is really obsessive."

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