Monday, May 24, 2010

Bluebird Day at Tuckermans Ravine

May 21, 2010
What a perfect way to close out the season especially since I dedicated it to Brad. Brad's brother Jamie flew his plane over Tucks then down to York, Maine for a lobster dinner with me and my dad. The gullies were all that was left for good snow. The chute looked trashed and proved so after Dennis set off a wet slide that made it look like he pooped his pants up there. The event did make the official Tuckermans Ravine avalanche report too. The right gully skied very sweet. The corn pulled off the surface perfectly. The lunch rocks being so exposed this late in the season made it definitely a no fall run. I really had fun in the left gully too- a nice non stop with lots of skier bumps to play with on the way down-squishy. After a nice long season it's time to think about summer.
And once again as Brad said,
"May Your Turns be Deep and Ever So Sweet"

Bradley C. Gamble


  1. where'd the mantras come from, yo????!!

  2. chop chop, let's go with a Holeyo entry, yo.